We specialize in full grow room set ups, grow tent packages, lighting options, ballasts, reflectors and grow bulbs.

We have a HUGE array of high quality soils and other media. We sell various coco coir substrates and amended coco options.

For hydroponics and aquaponics, we sell clay pebbles and growstones in many sizes.

For the peat growers, we stock high quality Promix HP bales, Foxfarm, Coast of Maine, Roots Organics and of course we have a wide variety of amendments such as compost, humus, green sand, perlite, vermiculite, bone meal, blood meal, guano, and much more to mix up your own sweet super soil recipe.

For those DIYers, we got you covered. We have all the little parts and pieces you are looking for: flood tables, food grade tubing and the coupling (tees, straights and elbows to match our tubing), food grade light tight containers, airstones, water pumps and air pumps (that also match our tubing), sprayers, light tight poly and other individual components that will help you finish your project on a budget.

We try to have something for everyones unique indoor garden. We pride ourselves on our extensive ventilation options available to help you get the air moving right in your garden. We have many lines of nutrients for both the organic gardener and for those who prefer mineral based lines.

When you shop here you are supporting a LOCAL owned business. The owners believe in superior customer service with friendly attitude. We also match prices for any local store and give big discounts for large orders.

Feel free to give us a call for any questions or to see if we carry that special item that you are looking for.

We are easy to get to from I-91, located on Rt 9 in Hadley Ma. Come visit soon.
Hours and Location
We are open Monday thru Friday 10:30 am to 6pm
Saturday 10:30 am to 5 pm
Sunday 11:00 am to 5 pm
or by appointment after hours


123 russell st Hadley Ma (rt 9)